PharmaTainer products are packed in an ISO14644-1 class 7 clean room to minimise the impact of particulate from packaging in your controlled environments.
PharmaTainer  products are shipped in cartons with 3 layers of internal packaging to aid delivery into your clean room manufacturing  areas.
The innermost packing layer is vacuum sealed to provide assurance of an intact sterility barrier. The second bag is heat sealed and the third bag (carton liner) is folded and tape closed.
Clear labelling of all levels of packaging simplifies your inventory control and enhance traceability throughout your processes.
Bottles and carboys are printed with clear, easy to read black graduations, accurate to +/- 2% .
Molding and capping are performed in a class 100 environment minimizing the possibility of particulate, bioburden or endotoxin inside the container.
Caps are applied mechanically, with a consistent torque to ensure a seal between the cap and container.
PharmaTainer  bottles are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility ’dedicated  to the production of sterile single use products for use in biotech industries.
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CELLON is a rapidly growing company, established in 1987 to provide products and services to the vaccine production and bioprocessing industries. Areas of expertise include mammalian cell culture processes and the storage & transport of sterile liquids. Our success to-date has been built upon an understanding of the requirements this demanding business sector - which has lead to the formation of many collaborative relationships with our customers. Such partnerships have enabled us to develop a range of products to meet specific industry needs - in unique, often revolutionary, ways
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